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Snapchat started as a messaging app which was widely used for sharing explicit photos. Nudes were the best thing that could be snapped on the app. The app eventually grew in reputation and although snapping nudes never went out of trend, Snapchat began gaining popularity for a lot more things than the Snapchat nudes. We had popular celebrities join the app and share their daily lives through awesome and at times quirky snaps.

Some of the craziest celebrity snaps gave Snapchat the chance to enjoy the limelight and get even more popular. So if we thought that things that were shared on Snapchat may just disappear then think again. Because some of our celebs thought the same until Snapchat decided otherwise. Let us look at Snapchat scandals involving our favorite celebs and Snapchat nudes shared by some of the celebrity snappers.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West joined Snapchat earlier this year and she has given us a good reason to be on the messaging app by snapping some steamy nudes of her after getting a midnight tan before the Miami stop for Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour. The photos are a clear reminder of why Snapchat began getting popular in its nascent stages – Snapchat nudes.

  1. Calum Hood

Calum Hood from the popular band 5 Seconds of Summer used Snapchat for sending a video showing his penis to one of his femal fans. Apparently, the fan decided to put the video to good use by sharing it on Vine which gave it a lot more views than what he wanted.

  1. Usher

In April this year, Usher gave us a glimpse of his toned up body after giving snappers a tour of his home. The celeb posted his nude selfies and used an emoji to cover up the parts that may make the pic explicit. Turns out that the emoji wasn’t adequate enough for the celeb to completely hide what he wanted to hide.

These three celebrities gave us a chance to enjoy Snapchat for what it really is, a great place to snap photos which are more than just the usual media pics all other Social media websites get. This is where all other social media platforms are left behind when it comes to some candid content. As for the usual snapper, it is great to see Snapchat nudes like these pour in to make our day.

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